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Affiliate partnership with Grundriss Schmiede: A win-win situation for advanced customers

Grundriss Schmiede is your reliable partner for the creation of professional floor plans – whether for sales purposes or dimensioned plans. But, did you know that in addition to these services, you can also benefit from our affiliate partnership? This partnership allows you to inform your target audience about our high-quality offers while earning a lucrative commission yourself.

Affiliate Partnership Scheme
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What is an affiliate partnership?

Affiliate marketing is a networked form of online marketing that is based on trust between two parties: the advertiser and the affiliate partner. In this symbiotic relationship, the affiliate partner recommends the products or services of the advertiser and in return receives a commission for each successful transaction that results from his recommendation. The sophistication of this model lies in its simplicity and efficiency. The advertiser sees an increase in customers and sales, while the affiliate benefits from the advertiser’s influential position and network to generate monetary profits.

This form of partnership embodies a refined system of mutual benefits and thus represents a win-win situation for both parties. At Grundriss Schmiede, this proven model is applied suitably to offer you the opportunity to both monetize your network and expand our customer base as our affiliate partner. It offers you the space to turn your expertise and network in the real estate and financial sector into a lucrative source of income, while highlighting the value of our services.

Affiliate Partner at Login
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Your way to affiliate partnership: procedure, premises and profitability

The process of becoming an affiliate with Grundriss Schmiede is straightforward. Your first step to becoming an affiliate partner is writing an e-mail to This communication serves as your initial business card, where you represent yourself and your online presence. After reviewing your information, we will respond to your e-mail to discuss the further course of the partnership.

To join this network, all you need to do is create a free account on our website. This account not only provides you with insight into upcoming and already accumulated commissions, but also acts as your personal dashboard for this lucrative cooperation. A German bank account is the final pillar of these basic conditions.

The profitability of this venture is clear: an average commission of 11% on each successfully arranged contract awaits you in our program. The amount of the commission depends on your reach and success and can increase up to 35%. In doing so, you convert your network and reach into profitable resources, while you carry the excellence of Grundriss Schmiede further.

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Transparency and reliability: the mechanisms of commission processing

The control and billing system that orchestrates your activities as an affiliate of Grundriss Schmiede is marked by remarkable precision and transparency. Once your partnership is formalized, you will have access to digital advertising tools, individually tagged with a personal code.

The control and accounting system that orchestrates your activities as an affiliate of Grundriss Schmiede is characterized by remarkable precision and transparency. Once your partnership is formalized, you will have access to digital advertising tools, individually tagged with a personal code. These tools contain cookies with a validity period of 90 days, ensuring that all successful transactions are attributed to you and rewarded accordingly.

In terms of payout, your collected commissions are recorded in a structured monthly balance on our system. The payout is carried out pet month, provided that the minimum payout amount of 50 euros is reached. If this amount is not accumulated in a given month, the unpaid amount is automatically transferred in the next month, so that none of your efforts go unrewarded.

However, there are specific conditions under which a commission will not be paid. These include transactions that are cancelled by the customer or Grundriss Schmiede, as well as those where it is not possible to assign the customer to your affiliate account. This could be the case if the customer cancels cookie settings or makes the purchase from another device. These exceptions are clearly defined to eliminate any uncertainty and preserve the integrity of the affiliate partnership.

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Responsibility and flexibility: guidelines and modalities of your affiliate partnership

You may only use advertising methods that have been explicitly agreed to as part of our partnership. The use of pay-per-click/view ads and keywords which target our services is expressly prohibited. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to approve specific advertising methods in individual cases.

When it comes to the duration, the partnership is a flexible venture: It unfolds for an indefinite period and can be terminated by either party with a four weeks’ notice period. This creates a framework for long-term collaboration and also for spontaneous adjustments.

The status of your commission in your account serves as a barometer of your successes. It goes through the phases “pending”, “confirmed“, and “payed out“ and provides each confirmed purchase with an unambiguous marking. This transparent system offers you complete visibility into the progress of your business.

A conclusion that invites you to start a successful partnership

The affiliate partnership with Grundriss Schmiede is more than simply an extra income. It is an opportunity for growth, for expanding your portfolio, and for cultivating a professional relationship based on transparency and trust. Register your free account today and become part of our success team.

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