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The quality of the exposé is crucial for the sale of a property

In order to sell a property as quickly as possible and at an optimal price, previous owners must emphasize the advantages of the property. Persuading the potential buyer is essential here. Even before the property viewing, the exposé decides whether a property is attractive or not. An exposé is no longer just a description, but much more the business card of the property for sale. A visually appealing, clear and, above all, informative exposé is one of the most important tools when selling real estate.

When preparing an exposé, minimum criteria should be taken into account so that certain information can be found in an exposé, which would be:

  • a site plan, for precise location
  • photos of the object, to give an impression, whereby exterior and interior photos of the real estate are of advantage
  • a floor plan, which contains information about the features and surface area
  • information about the room layout and number of rooms
  • a basement and/or information about a possible parking space
  • information such as the year of construction, condition and equipment
  • information about the energy consumption, the energy source and an energy certificate.
Example exposé
Example exposé as flyer
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Increase the number of prospective buyers with the help of the exposé.

Prospective buyers through exposé

A high-quality exposé not only makes the property more attractive, it also increases the number of prospective buyers and directs the sales offer to the right target group. It also prevents unnecessary viewing appointments, which often occur if the property has not been described in a meaningful way. This results in disappointed prospective buyers and higher estate agent costs due to inefficient viewing appointments. If, on the other hand, all relevant information and appealing photos are included in a professionally designed exposé, the prospective buyer's first impression is positively influenced by the viewing and the purchase decision is made.

Verkaufsoptimierter Grundriss Detail

What defines a good exposé?

First of all, good photos are crucial when creating the ideal exposé. After all, prospective buyers want to be visually appealed to. It turns out that exposés are more interesting if they are well illustrated. Appealing photos that show the property from all angles and also depict the interior areas as well as the associated plot increase the perceived value. The photos should be taken in daylight and be clear and sharp. Distorted, too dark or blurred images are often the first reason why prospective buyers do not pay any further attention to the exposé. It is also important to show the rooms realistically in terms of size and layout and, ideally, to include dimensions.

The exposé text is the second important component. It must always maintain the interest already generated by the photos. This is why a target group-oriented text is the alpha and omega, in other words, a text that is geared towards the potential group of buyers. After all, a house in the countryside or on the periphery will naturally interest a different target group than a modern townhouse or a loft in the city center.

It is important that the exposé is written in an appealing way, informative and commitment-oriented. A simple list of facts is not usually considered satisfactory by prospective buyers. Instead, the potential buyer's desire to view and possibly purchase the property should grow as soon as they read the exposé.

In the overview, the exposé should compile all the important facts about the property and inform the buyer so well that they have no unanswered questions. This is when they decide to view the property. All important details about the property, such as the selling price, size, number of rooms, floors, year of construction, condition, living space and plot area, as well as facts about energy consumption and heating, should be included in the exposé, as well as information about any defects. This is because undescribed defects that only become apparent during the viewing can lead to mistrust on the part of the buyer. This leads to the property not being purchased in the first place, or at least to a massive price reduction. A realistic asking price also helps to arouse the buyer's interest. Exposés without a price or with a purchase price on a negotiation basis are too uncertain for prospective buyers and are often ignored.

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Appealing design - interest at first sight

In addition to good photos and a text that suits the target group, the design of the exposé is crucial. A kind of leitmotif that runs through the entire exposé conveys reliability and trustworthiness to the prospective buyer. Stylistic design ornaments that recur on every page also increase the value of the exposé. These should not be eye-catching or clumsy graphics, but rather a discreet yet catchy layout, which simply ensures that the exposé leaves a harmonious overall impression.

Exposé with an attractive design
Verkaufsoptimierter Grundriss Detail

Important documents complete the perfect exposé

Round off the exposé

In addition to informative pictures and details about the property, prospective buyers particularly appreciate the completeness of an exposé. Of course, this also includes important documents that complete the information in the exposé. A floor plan of the property including all rooms should always be included. This increases the interest. A dimensioned floor plan in the exposé ensures a certain connection to the property on offer even before the viewing, as the prospective buyer can already visualize the rooms and their possible use and design. The energy performance certificate is also an essential and important part of the exposé. Potential buyers want to get an impression of the consumption rates, as the type of energy and heat generation and the costs incurred for this always play a role in the purchase decision.

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Professionally prepared exposé promotes the sale

An exposé increases the visibility of the property on offer, especially on the Internet. This is where buyers and investors search most frequently. Furthermore, an exposé is a kind of business card for the property - the more appealing it is, the more likely it is to attract buyers. To increase the chances of a sale, it is therefore advisable to have the exposé for the property created professionally - tailored to the property in question and the potential group of buyers. We therefore create individual exposés, both for private individuals and for the real estate industry, taking all relevant points into account. This gives sellers the opportunity to present their property as appealing as possible, select the target group for the property in advance and therefore ultimately avoid long sales periods or even long vacancies. A timely sale of properties also ensures better, market-driven and up-to-date sales prices. The professionally designed exposé therefore increases the seller's chances of selling and at the same time meets the requirements of the prospective buyer.

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