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An exposé is a description of a property

It can be prepared by a seller, a landlord or a realtor, an architect or a bank. In an exposé the circumstances of the real estate and its advantages are illuminated and put in scene. In brief: An exposé serves to better market the property.

When preparing an exposé, minimum criteria should be taken into account so that certain information can be found in an exposé, which would be:

  • a site plan, for precise location
  • photos of the object, to give an impression, whereby exterior and interior photos of the real estate are of advantage
  • a floor plan, which contains information about the features and surface area
  • information about the room layout and number of rooms
  • a basement and/or information about a possible parking space
  • information such as the year of construction, condition and equipment
  • information about the energy consumption, the energy source and an energy certificate.
Example exposé
Example exposé as flyer
Verkaufsoptimierter Grundriss Detail

The type of heating system can also play a major role for potential buyers, i.e. whether it is night storage heating, oil heating, electric or gas heating, etc.

The type of heating system, i.e. whether it is night storage heating, oil heating, electric or gas heating, etc., can also play a major role for potential buyers. Of course, the purchase price and, if applicable, information about a move-in date or the status, such as rented or not rented, should be stated. In addition, other legal content should be noted, such as the reference to a possible right of revocation, the commission agreement, as well as the terms and conditions and the contact person.

If these criteria are observed, the exposé of the real estate is the first step on the way to sales success, as an ideal impression can be conveyed. The weighting or embellishment of the individual criteria is not fixed and is in the hands of the creator, who of course attaches importance to the optimal marketing channel. The weighting of individual criteria depends on the target group of buyers. Thus capital investors have other interests than a family and direct accordingly its attention on completely different criteria; thus the target group should be clearly defined with the production of an exposé from the outset. An exposé usually conveys the first impression that the customer gets of the property and should therefore be prepared with great care. It should be informative, but also attractively designed, whereby the structure can play a significant role. Since an exposé serves to market the property, a meaningful headline must always be found, a kind of "eye-catcher" that directly addresses the selected target group, as in the case of a property in great need of renovation with the expression: "Suitable for craftsmen". A concise short description of the object is useful to put down the key data in bullet point form such as the price, the year of construction, the size, a room description and room number as well as the type of heating . In the body text itself, the furnishings and other amenities should be addressed. Information such as a detailed description of the location should follow. A detailed description of the real estate itself is essential; so necessarily the indication, in which floor the real estate is, whether it concerns a multiple dwelling, how it is accessible, whether only a stairwell or possibly an elevator are present or the real estate is barrier-free. Information should be available not only on the number of rooms, but also on the layout of the apartment. Positive characteristics are to be absolutely emphasized, like the presence of a terrace or a balcony. Statements that are beneficial to marketing can also be emphasized, such as "balcony/terrace with sunny southern exposure". As already mentioned, the type of heating is particularly interesting in order to give the buyer/tenant an idea of the ancillary costs. Here, too, possible special features can be brought into focus, such as the presence of a fireplace.

Verkaufsoptimierter Grundriss Detail

The quality of the furnishings and their condition should be addressed; here the buyer/tenant is given an impression of the possible ancillary costs. For example, it is of interest whether the windows are single, double or triple glazed, whether they are wooden or plastic windows.

Positive aspects should always be brought to the front. Another aspect for prospective buyers is information about the flooring such as parquet, laminate, tile, etc. and when it was installed. The age of the fitted kitchen is also interesting in order to be able to estimate possible new investments.

Furthermore, there should be information about the existing infrastructure, such as how well developed it is, whether doctors, kindergartens, schools, sufficient shopping facilities, etc. are available in the vicinity of the property. For working people, the aspect of the connection to the highway can be interesting, as well as the public transport connection. The accessibility of recreational areas, such as parks or lakes, also plays a role. The location of the property should be discussed, whether it is a single-family, multi-family, front or back house. Finally, the exposé should include the accessibility of the provider, such as telephone number or e-mail address, under which interested parties can provide feedback.

When creating an exposé, you must always ensure that there is a common thread in the description of the property. The text should be structured, avoid long sentences or even too extensive wording. Concentrate on the main highlights and any shortcomings that you want to mention, whereby the advantages should definitely be in the spotlight.

Verkaufsoptimierter Grundriss Detail

Prospective buyers of land need different information than people interested in buying a house or apartment. As a rule, the purchaser wants to use the real estate for a specific purpose, for example, to build on it or to use it as agricultural land for livestock or as farmland.

Therefore, the real estate exposé should indicate which of these types of land it is; is it a forest and meadow plot, farmland, raw land or building land. The land use plan is helpful in finding information, or the development plan provides information on how the land can be used. Both documents can be viewed at the municipality where your property is located. Some municipalities make the documents available online. If the property can be built on, prospective buyers are particularly interested in how large the floor area of the property may be (site area index) and how many stories the property may have (floor area index). It may be worthwhile to submit a preliminary building application before selling the property in order to find out how a property may be built on. In addition, it is important for prospective buyers to have information about the size of the property, the section, the development, the location (e.g. slope, lake property), the current building e.g. tool shed, garage, the tree population and the surrounding buildings (single-family houses etc.).

Whether an address is given in the exposé depends on discretion, but it offers advantages, because in general the location is one of the most important criteria for most prospective buyers when purchasing real estate. Thus, the specification of the exact location is mandatory, in which quarter of which locality the offered property is located and whether it is quiet or located on a main street. In advance, many prospective buyers search for real estate in the immediate vicinity or a narrowly defined area on their mobile devices via the location service. This means that if no precise address is given, in the worst case the property cannot be found by potential buyers. Providing detailed information can often be the deciding factor in whether a potential buyer is interested in viewing the property.