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Questions and answers about our services

We have summarised frequently asked questions for you in our FAQ overview. If you are unable to clarify your query or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us by phone: +49 (0) 40 / 69639190 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or by e-mail at

You can reach us by telephone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. under the telephone number: +49 (0) 40 / 69639190

After your first order, you will automatically receive a password. This happens as soon as you have completed the ordering process. Unfortunately, some e-mail programmes delay the receipt of this message or move it to the SPAM folder. If you do not receive a password within 5 minutes If you have not received the corresponding e-mail within 5 minutes, please use the "Forgotten password" function.

First you create a customer account and load your credit. Then upload the floor plan to be optimized and select the design that suits you best. We will forge a sales optimized floor plan from it within 24 hours and make it available for you to download in your customer account.

You can see from the status how far the processing progress of your order is: Ordered: You have successfully uploaded the floor plan and it will be viewed by our design team shortly. In progress: one of our designers has downloaded your floor plan and is starting the optimization process. Delivered: Your floor plan is ready and can be downloaded by you.

Since our floor plan professionals are also human, unfortunately mistakes do happen. We always strive to deliver your floor plan as quickly and to the highest as possible. If an error should occur for which we are responsible, you will of course have the opportunity to inform us of this in your delivered floor plan. We will then take care of the corresponding correction as quickly as possible and, of course, free of charge. We have set ourselves up to be cost- and time-efficient in order to offer you the most convenient and fastest service. Corrections are therefore difficult to make. In the event of an incorrect floor plan for which we are not responsible, the new floor plan will be considered a separate new order.

Our system basically offers the possibility that you can re-upload an uploaded floor plan as long as our design team has not yet started working on it. This means: as long as the status is set to " ordered", you can re-upload it. When we have have already started working on the floor plan or have already delivered it, it is difficult to make corrections. We have set ourselves up in such a cost and time-efficient in order to offer you the cheapest and fastest service. Corrections are therefore difficult to show. In this case, the new floor plan is considered a separate new order.

We deliver your uploaded floor plan within 24 hours on working days. In individual cases and especially with very extensive floor plans, it may take take a few hours longer. You can view the processing step in your customer account at any time.

As soon as your floor plan has been redrawn and has passed our quality control, we make it available for download in your customer account. At the same time, you will receive an e-mail.

With all designs you have the option to book a floor plan without and with furniture. For this we have a set of black and white furniture. If you have concrete ideas about which furniture should go in which room, please note this in the floor plan and we will implement it accordingly. Without further information, we try to accommodate the following furniture per room: Living room: Sofa, sideboard, flowers (dining table with chairs if necessary). Kitchen: Table with chairs, if applicable Bedroom: Double or single bed, sideboard, plant (bedside tables if necessary). Balcony and terrace: Outdoor chairs

We currently offer you the option of ordering our floor plans conveniently via your customer account. There you have all options and variations to choose from. And you can also view your invoices and orders in the future.

In addition to the FLEX price, which includes the optimisation of a single floor plan, we also offer packages. You pay your desired quota once and can then conveniently call it up within 12 months. We currently offer a bundle of 25 and 50 units.

In general, you can find our bank details on your invoice. If you do not have the invoice with you, the bank details are as follows: IBAN: DE52 1001 0010 0941 9701 08 BIC: PBNKDEFF Please remember to state your invoice number when making the transfer, otherwise we will not be able to allocate your payment.

Basically, we need a template to create a floor plan. A hand-drawn sketch is also sufficient, ideally with dimensions. Pay attention to what is included in your sketch, because we will implement it in exactly the same way. So work very precisely.

You will find a number of design templates on our platform. If you do not find a suitable one or if you have exact ideas of your design, this is no problem for us. Either send us a sample floor plan or write us what is important to you. Together with our design team, we will create an individual solution that meets your requirements. Please contact us, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

This is also possible. To do so, briefly write to us via the contact form, stating exactly what you have in mind and which theme is to be used. We will then create a template for you, which will be stored in your customer account and can be activated by you in the future for every further order or only for certain orders. This service costs you a one-time fee of 25 €.