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individual floor plan detail

Why choose a customized floor plan?

No matter whether you need a floor plan in your corporate design, create your own design for a project, or have very special ideas about a floor plan: We will implement your wishes individually, at short notice and at a reasonable price. When does it make sense to have a customized floor plan created?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we recommend creating a floor plan tailored to you. This can have several reasons. Perhaps you already have a corporate design and would like to adapt the floor plans to it, or you have specific ideas about a floor plan and for example would like to represent your own furniture set.
Then our individually tailored floor plans come into play.

Example customized floor plans
Individual floor plan detail

Own ideas

You have wishes how a floor plan should look like? Perhaps you have also seen a floor plan design, which you would like to use for yourself in this or a similar form? Contact us and our design team will support you in the implementation of any design according to your ideas, quickly, uncomplicated and exclusively for you.

Individual floor plan detail

Corporate Identity

If you have a corporate identity, your colors and fonts are already predetermined. Ideally, you already have concrete requirements for a floor plan with elements, color and text specifications. We implement this quickly and easily, but we are also happy to support you at any time to develop a corporate identity even if you do not have any concrete specifications for the floor plans and to make it available to you in the future at a reasonable price.

Individual floor plan detail

Large-scale projects

Larger new construction projects, the individual sale of apartments or a vacation home development often receive its own brand name and design, so that the entire sales process becomes "whole". No matter whether you already have a design wish or we may develop something for you, put the "icing on the cake" for the project and round it off with individual floor plans. We will also be happy to create fact sheets for each apartment with a site plan, your logo and further details such as the square meters or similar.

Individual floor plan detail

What is all that you can customize?

Basically, you can customize anything you want in your individual design. Starting from individual colors or textures for walls and floors, the choice of furniture, kitchens and bathroom fixtures, to the design of the north arrow, a disclaimer text, the font or a watermark.

Individual floor plan detail

What costs should you expect?

Customized floor plan designs are also individual in their creation. Therefore, flat rates are difficult to specify, since your wishes range from changing the floor color in one of our templates to a development of a completely own design with own furniture, shapes and colors. So just contact us without any obligation. We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer based on your wishes.Following the one-time creation of the design, you will benefit from our favorable flex and package prices per floor plan.

Once a custom design has been created, it is stored in your account. Even for larger organizations with several locations and employees, your own design will be stored, so that you can be sure that this design will be used. If you wish, we can deactivate our standard design from your accounts and activate a pre-selection of options. This way you ensure that your floor plans in every ad and exposé will always have the same appearance and your brand thus uniform appearance.

Individual floor plan design
individual floor plans

For maximum individuality

Round off your exposé and real estate ads with floor plans in your design

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