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360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

Advantages of the real estate visualization - experience rather than just see

Real estate visualization offers sellers an immense advantage. But what is it about when talking about a real estate visualization? Why does 3D visualization offer advantages and what is 360° visualization on a PC? In this guide, you'll learn how the power of visualization can help you sell faster and at a better price.

360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

What is a real estate visualization?

As already hinted at, it is a video film about the house or the apartment. The footage is captured with a 360-degree camera and then processed into a continuous movie that can be controlled by the viewer. If an object is offered with the remark virtual walk-through or 3D viewing, it is an exposé with included real estate visualization. As a seller you will find interested parties more quickly and as a buyer you will save time for visiting appointments, as you can "walk through" the property online at your own convenience before deciding to visit it in person. The real estate visualization gives the viewer the opportunity to look at a house or apartment at their convenience and enjoy the benefit of the 360° perspective from any location.

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360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

Capture your own perspective in 3D

Want to get a feel for the ceiling height or feel what it's like to walk around a corner and into the next room? Through the real estate visualization, you can experience an online tour just the way you want it. You can linger anywhere and look up, to the right or left, and into the transition to the next room with the click of a mouse. The fact is that this form of virtual tours creates a higher understanding of the living space, room layout and special features of the object. On a floor plan you can see your dream property in its plan view. People with good visual imagination can convert the drawing into pictures. But the feeling, which in the end decides about the purchase, is unfortunately missing with photos and floor plans. The 360° representation, where you can direct and adjust your viewing angle as needed, helps you decide whether you want to visit a property in reality. This way you save time, the owner saves time and also the real estate agent has time advantages due to the digital tour in 3D.

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360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

Why the real estate visualization increases the chances of a sale

Today's real estate market is trans-regional and requires a change in thinking. Prospective buyers from further away will first opt for a virtual tour before considering an on-site appointment. Especially high-priced properties, but also more and more rental apartments are nowadays marketed using a real estate visualization. Many brokers offer the real estate visualization exclusively and send the link to the customers who are potential buyers for a property. This has the advantage that the potential buyer feels courteously treated and that he can check before an appointment on site whether the object fits his requirements and whether it meets his expectations. With the real estate visualization you choose a presentation that is contemporary and possible without long elaborations in the exposé. During the online tour, the visitor sees all the details that you would otherwise have to publish in detailed texts and with illustrations in the exposé. No description is as plausible as a prospective buyer's own view of a visualized property that can be viewed online in 360°.

360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

Is 3D inspection suitable for all properties?

Even if the real estate visualization is mainly used for exclusive and nationally offered properties, you can make all properties more interesting with a 3D tour. Since video recordings with a 360° camera are more expensive, you should compare the pros and cons criteria. A 3D walk-through is recommended for all apartments and houses that have an unconventional cut or special features. For very inexpensive properties, an exposé with a floor plan and a description containing all details is sufficient. The real estate visualization is possible, but would not entail economic efficiency in the ratio of costs and benefits.