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Energy certificate und energy efficiency

An energy certificate contains information that officially documents and evaluates the energy efficiency of a building, taking into account various parameters. A distinction is made between so-called requirement certificates and consumption certificates. The distinction results from the fact that different calculation methods and data are used for the relevant documents.

Basically, an energy certificate is a kind of record for a residential building. On the basis of various details, a picture of the energy efficiency of the particular property can be created. The document can also contain recommendations for a cost-effective modernisation.

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Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz, GEG)

The Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz, GEG) states that an energy certificate must be available for assessing the energy status of the buildings. Among other things, it contains general information about the building itself, the type of heating fuel used and additional important energy parameters. Newer generation certificates include a graphic that illustrates the energy efficiency class (A+ to H).

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Mixed-use properties

If the building is exclusively for residential use, the energy certificate is issued for the entire property and not for individual living areas or flats. In so-called mixed-use properties, the information in the energy certificate refers exclusively to the occupied area. The structure and information content of the certificate must comply with the applicable guidelines of the GEG.

In addition, the person who issued the certificate must enter the job title, the personal address and the date of the issue on the energy certificate. A handwritten signature or a digital signature must also be present on the document.

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Calculating the energy quality of a building

The first page of the energy certificate contains general information about the building. In addition to the address, interested parties can read here about the system technology, the number of existing flats or the year of construction of the property. Other important information regarding the use of renewable energy technologies or the possible need to inspect air conditioning systems is also provided on page 1 of the document. Whether the calculation of the energy quality of the residential building is based on the specifications of the consumption- or demand-oriented energy certificate can also be read on this page.

If, for example, the energy requirement is calculated, it is a requirement certificate. Tenants/buyers can view the characteristic values on the second page of the document. If the energy certificate contains information on the actual measured energy consumption, it is a consumption certificate, the characteristic values of which are documented on the third page of the document.

Regardless of the type of certificate issued, the characteristic values refer to the annual consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) per square metre used. The higher these values are, the poorer the energy status of a building is. The above-mentioned graphic illustrates the current situation on the energy certificate and provides an exceptionally good starting point for buyers/tenants.

Basically, it is important to note that the values never refer to the living space, but to the usable space of a property.

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What information is important for the buyer or tenant

Due to the guidelines laid down in the GEG, the energy certificate is of great importance as a meaningful source of information in the search for a (suitable) property. This document provides both prospective buyers and tenants with the first important information on the energy status of a house and thus a much better basis for making a decision for or against the respective property.

In particular, the energy demand and the energy source for heating play a decisive role in this context. At the same time, interested parties receive information on the year of construction of the building can estimate and, if necessary, forecast possible investments in the financial aspects in the future.

If an energy certificate for a residential building was issued after 1 May 2014 with the mention of a specific energy class, the previous owner must also be able to present such a certificate. Documents issued before this date that do not contain information on the efficiency class of a building, however, retain their full validity.

The characteristic values entered on this "old" energy certificate can only be converted and subsequently assigned to an efficiency class. However, it is often difficult to determine the values or to read them out of the available documents, which means that an exact evaluation can only be successful with a great deal of time. For this reason, the government has made a guideline available for download on the Internet.

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(All information has been compiled to the best of our knowledge without any claim to completeness)