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Sales-optimized floor plan detail

When is an on-site measurement required?

If you have purchased an older property before you might be familiar with the challenge of incomplete property documents. Amongst other reasons the following historical event has had a substantial effect on missing documents; Many building authorities were bombed during the second world war and thus most documents were lost or destroyed.

Before financing your property purchase, the bank will request detailed information and documents. On the basis of these documents the bank is able to calculate the value of the property and the linked risks that come with a possible loan. In the absence of important documents, you will either have to precisely measure all rooms of the property and have the architectural plans created by using our extensive service. Or you could pick your “all-round-carefree-package”:

Collaborators of our affiliate will visit your dream property in person in order to conscientiously measure out all rooms and floors. In follow-up we will create an architectural plan on the basis of these measurements.

Example measurement service
Sales-optimized floor plan detail

What is the procedure and what do you get?

Simply calculate the price for the creation of your documents including the measuring-service by using the tool below. After the calculations have been made you will be able to assign your commission by using the same form. Once we have received your request, we will get in touch with you to set a near-term date for the on-site measurement of your property. Matterport technicians will come to your property personally and scan it entirely. Following the on-site measurement, the technicians will send us all the data which we can then use to extract important measurements of your property. On the basis of these measurements, we will then create architectural plans and upon request also the calculation of living space and a confirmation by an architect. By finalizing your real estate documents, you will be perfectly prepared for the purchase and selling of your property.

Process Measurement-Service
  • No documents? No problem!
  • Fill in the form below and get your price for a measuring in Germany.
  • We will contact you for an appointment.
  • A technician will meet you in your flat
  • We draw the floor plans
  • Now you have perfect documents from your estate
Sales-optimized floor plan detail

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