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From Matterport tour to dimensioned floor plan

Welcome to Grundriss-Schmiede, your reliable partner for the fast creation of all kinds of floor plans in the real estate industry. Our commitment is to simplify and optimize your real estate marketing and financing activities.

As a real estate agent or private individual, you are often faced with the challenge of having to present a clear idea of a property to potential buyers or banks. Visualization is a key factor here and this is exactly where we come in.

Matterportservice room overview
Verkaufsoptimierter Grundriss Detail

Matterport tours: The revolution in modern real estate presentation

Matterport is a particularly innovative technology with which it is possible to present a property to the viewer in breathtaking 3-D tours. These 360-degree tours offer potential buyers or tenants of real estate the opportunity to look around the property as if they were on-site.

The vast experience Matterport offers has practically revolutionized the way real estate is presented. Prospective buyers can now explore the premises, admire the architecture, and get a sense of the size and flow of the property without having to be physically present in the property.

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From Matterport tour to dimensioned floor plan: Our service for you

Our latest offer provides you with a seamless complement to the familiar and impressive Matterport tours. Imagine if you could combine the stunning visuals of a Matterport tour with the clear and precise details of a dimensioned floor plan. And that is exactly what we can now offer you.

Our service is simple and effective: real estate agents can send us their Matterport tour, and we will turn the virtual tour into a detailed and dimensioned floor plan. As an option, we can also provide a living space calculation and an architect’s confirmation which are to be presented to the bank in order to obtain a loan. This service is available to both private individuals and commercial clients.

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And how does it all work?

Our experts are very familiar with Matterport technology and can therefore convert your Matterport tour into a precise floor plan in a very short time. To do this, we use virtual tape measures, which allow us to measure the exact dimensions of the rooms, walls, doors and windows. The result is a perfect floor plan that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also contains all the important dimensions that are relevant to potential buyers, tenants or banks.

As an alternative, you can send us the Matterport file (the “Matterpak”) directly. We will then import it into our advanced system to generate the appropriate floor plan based on the point cloud. This approach is quite comfortable and offers maximum convenience as well as speed without having to deal with technical details. Experience has shown that the resulting floor plans are by far the most accurate floor plans that can be created by a scan of your Matterport camera.

Matterportservice view from outside
Matterportservice view from outside
Matterportservice view from outside
Matterportservice view from inside
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The advantages of our services

Our Matterport-to-floor plan solution offers numerous benefits:

- A clear representation: with a dimensioned floor plan, prospective buyers have a clearer idea of room sizes and proportions, which makes decision-making much easier.

- Precision: Our employees make sure that the floor plans meet the highest standards and also contain all relevant dimensions.

- Major time-saving: Due to our very fast processing of floor plans within only 24 hours, you can put your real estate on the market faster and also obtain possible financing faster.

- Highly-professional service: Our services are specifically tailored to the needs of real estate agents and private individuals. In addition, our created floor plans are also suitable for the bank.

Matterportservice in three steps
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Who is our service aimed at?

Out Matterport-to-floor plan service is aimed at both real estate professionals and private individuals. Real estate agents have the opportunity to use our service to significantly increase the quality of their listings and to present clients with an impressive presentation of a new property more quickly. Private individuals who want to sell or finance their property can also benefit from our expertise to significantly speed up the sales process.

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Your key to successful real estate marketing and financing

In today’s world where visual presentations are becoming increasingly important, our Matterport-to-floor plan service can give you a clear competitive advantage. Imagine how impressive it is to be able to offer potential buyers or tenants not only the visual magic of a Matterport tour, but also a precise dimensioned floor plan.

We are especially proud to be able to offer innovative solutions to our clients with which their chances of marketing properties can now be significantly increased. Contact us today to learn more about our Matterport-to-floor plan service and how it can help you market your property faster and secure financing.

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Matterport tours have revolutionized the way real estate is presented. With our Matterport-to-floor plan service, you can now use this fascinating technology even more effectively by combining stunning virtual tours with floor plans which are accurate and suitable for the bank.

At Grundriss-Schmiede, we can take your real estate marketing and financing to the next level. We would be happy to hear from you soon so that we can show you all the possibilities of our range of services and find the right solution for your estate marketing needs as well.