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Sales-optimized floor plan detail

How a well designed floor plan increases rentability

A "good cut" is essential for the rental of vacation properties. Because the optimal room layout creates exactly what vacationers want during the most beautiful time of the year: A harmonious balance between privacy and community. Do not try to explain the room layout in words and explain to your future guests in a long text how a house or apartment is designed. If you provide the floor plans of the vacation properties in addition to the pictures in the presentation, your rental rate will increase significantly.

Vacation home
Sales-optimized floor plan detail

Room illustration vs. pictorial imagination

Vacation in vacation home

In the classic marketing of a real estate, it is taken for granted that the floor plans for each floor are available in the exposé. But many prospective customers look for the floor plans for vacation properties in vain. The room illustration is a sales-promoting argument and shows the prospective customer before the reservation whether the floor plans of the vacations real estates fit his conception and his need. The statement that, for example, 3 bedrooms and 1 living room as well as 2 bathrooms are available does not provide any information about how the rooms are positioned in relation to each other. By providing a plausible and easy to read floor plans for a vacation property, you create clarity.

This is because the floor plans of your vacation properties show whether the bedrooms are separated from each other or whether there is a passage room. For vacationers with children and for couples who rent a vacation home together, this point is a decisive criterion for booking. If you provide the floor plans of the vacation properties along with the pictures, you will create more clarity and will not confront your guests with unexpected challenges. Do not expect potential vacationers to recognize through their visual imagination what the floor plans of the vacation properties clearly show at first glance. The layout of rooms and the division of existing bedrooms from common areas, as well as from each other, is of immense importance to vacationers. For this reason, properties where the floor plans of the vacation properties are known in advance are booked more often and rated better after the vacation.

Sales-optimized floor plan detail

The smaller the living space, the more important the floor plans

Vacation properties do not necessarily have to have 100 m² or more living space. A cozy vacation home with a good layout will delight families and groups spending vacation time together as well. But privacy is important, which is exactly why this detail is asked before the booking. When you place your ads on Booking, Airbnb and other portals, the floor plans of the vacation properties should not be missing at all. You will save a lot of time, because you will not be asked about the room layout and you will not need to give explanations by e-mail or in phone calls.

Holiday property in nature

In the case of small vacation homes or a 2- to 3-room vacation apartment, the room layout largely determines how many guests move in with you and whether you are fully booked. On the photos your future guests can see the interior and get a first impression of the room size. But an exact imagination needs a floor plan, in which the furnishings and all doors with opening direction are drawn. An indication of the square meters per room is an advantage, because only these floor plans really describe the vacation properties in detail. It is worthwhile to attach a professional floor plan to your rental advertisements and in this way ensure a high-quality presentation of the property. In order to put your offer in focus and increase the interest of the potential vacationers, the visual presentation is an important influencer. Easy-to-read and authentic floor plans for vacation properties will bring you significantly more vacationers.