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Anyone who is selling a property can significantly improve their sales potential with the use of home staging

With home staging, the real estate business can be done in a record time and at the best possible price. This article is about what home staging exactly is and how the process works.

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What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the professional preparation of a property to appeal to as many different tastes as possible at once. A property is staged in such a way that the time needed for marketing is significantly reduced and at the same time the best possible sales price is achieved. The goal is not only to beautify a property, but also to create a pleasant ambience for prospective buyers. If they immediately feel at home, the chances are particularly high that they will be eager to move in. Home staging brings a property into the optimal sales condition.

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Floor planning and the digital representation

To give the client a better picture of a property, we create optimised floor plans for the sale, showing all the important information such as dimensions, furnishings and directional arrows. You can also provide clients with your home staging result in a 360-degree digital tour. This gives prospective buyers the opportunity to view the property virtually in advance and make their decision more quickly. For you as an agent, this saves a lot of time and in some cases a real viewing is no longer necessary if the customer wants something else. With these means, you can excellently show your competence and convince prospective buyers even better of your property. After the home staging, it is the perfect time to have a new floor plan drawn up to show the changes vividly.

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How does the home staging process work?

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How home staging works depends first of all on whether a property is still occupied or empty. In the case of an empty property, an inviting atmosphere is created with the help of furniture, accessories and appropriate lighting. Each room is completely furnished as if the property were already occupied. Even the walls are decorated with art and the clothes and shoe cupboards end up containing appropriate items of clothing. However, elements that are too personal, such as toothbrush mugs, are usually not to be found. In order to show clients what is possible with home staging, often no expense is spared and sometimes very high-quality furniture is placed in the property.

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The rooms in the foreground

When a property is occupied, home staging tries to depersonalise it as much as possible. The aim here is that the focus is not on the presence of the owner, but much more on the rooms themselves. To achieve this, it is often necessary to clear out a lot of things in order to create a cosy atmosphere in which a wider range of prospective buyers will feel comfortable. Minor inconveniences such as squeaky doors are also eliminated in this process. Prospective buyers should be able to imagine the property as their own home after home staging.

In general, it is particularly important in home staging that a great overall impression is created and that nothing dominates. The focus is on arranging the furnishings perfectly and creating optimal brightness.

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A professionally prepared property in which prospective buyers immediately feel comfortable and can imagine living in it makes the sale much easier for you as an agent. If you also provide prospective buyers with an up-to-date floor plan with all the important information to give them a clear picture of the premises, your chances are even better.

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