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Sales-optimized floor plan detail

A professional floor plan drawing as a sales pitch

Who builds or buys a house, is interested first in the size of the object and then in the section. For many new owners, an optimal layout of the rooms that meets their needs is the basis of a purchase decision. If the floor plan in a single-family house has to be changed, this reconstruction is associated with high costs and a no less demanding workload.

The new construction of a single-family house is based on the professional drawing of the floor plan. The true-to-scale execution and a plausible description of the room sizes, doors and windows are essential for this. Properties offered in real estate portals without a floor plan drawing have longer standing times and significantly fewer clicks. For a potential buyer or tenant, the floor plan that the family home has, plays an extremely important role. Whether the family is comfortable in the favored object and has enough space to fulfill their living dreams is mainly determined by the floor plan. The single-family house is for most buyers the largest investment of their life. Offers without a clear and for non-professionals understandable floor plan drawing find therefore less attention, since a main decision criteria is missing. In order to address a large target group and to arouse interest in an offer, the floor plan for a single-family house should be professionally drawn and already provided in the exposé.

Floor plan of a single-family house modern
floor plan of a single-family house Country style
Sales-optimized floor plan detail

Buying a house through bank financing: The floor plan as an important document

Around 90 percent of all future property owners finance the purchase of a house through the bank. The floor plan for the single-family home must be available at the latest when the financing request is made. If a prospective customer must request the drawing from the owner, an important element of confidence-building is lost. For the lender's real estate evaluator, the floor plan drawing is the document he needs to check the value of the property against the sales price. The prospective buyer needs the floor plan for the single-family house necessarily, since the bank does not give without this drawing a financing approval and thus no credit. If you are selling an older house, it may well be the case that no original floor plan is available or that the drawing does not meet today's criteria.

In this case, it is worthwhile to have the floor plan for the family home redrawn before the exposé is published. Note: A self-made sketch with handwritten measurements is not a floor plan that is sufficient as a document for the financing approval for a single-family house. Likewise, the hand-drawn sketch leaves a negative impression on potential buyers and can lead to the seriousness of the offer being questioned.

Sales-optimized floor plan detail

What makes a good floor plan for a single-family house

A floor plan drawing that is understandable at first sight and can be read by non-professionals achieves the desired effect. The description of the floors should not be missing, nor should the current use of space. Dimensioning should be done with correct details of wall lengths and widths, as well as an indication of the area in square meters. Windows and doors must be specifically marked and visibly hatched. The identification of load-bearing walls should not be missing from the floor plan for the single-family house. Especially in older properties with numerous small rooms, this information plays an important role. If the future owner wants to remodel and create an open living concept by removing walls, the knowledge of the load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls is essential even before the purchase. The bottom line is that a good floor plan for a single-family home is professionally drawn and includes all relevant details.

Sales-optimized floor plan detail

Is the floor plan necessary even for older single-family homes?

You want to sell an older property and know that the house cut is no longer up to date? Even then you will need the floor plan, which shows the single-family house with its room layout and areas. Even families who are looking to buy an inexpensive build-out home need the floor plan for the single-family home for two reasons. Even a small financing will not be approved without a professional floor plan drawing. The second point is based on the upcoming extension and reconstruction, the possibilities of which are based on the

How quickly and at what price you sell your house depends not the least on the available floor plan for the family house. For properties that have already been remodeled and the room layout no longer matches the original floor plan, it will be necessary to redraw it. Do not expect that every potential buyer has a high visual imagination and can figure out the floor plan based on your written information in the exposé. If you provide the important document, you will sell your single-family home faster and be able to get a better price.