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360-degress tour of the Grundriss Schmiede

More professionalism leads to a better sales result.

Whether you're selling property on a commercial basis for a client or creating a sales-promoting ad for your own home as a private individual, you want to achieve the highest possible sales price. The more professional your marketing efforts are, the higher the demand you will achieve. For this purpose, it is advisable to give a potential buyer or tenant a good first impression of the property in order to fully attract the necessary interest.

A virtual tour of the sales property provides the prospective buyers with a lasting impression.

360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

Virtual tour - Why this is important nowadays

Prospective buyers invest a lot of money when they want to buy a house or an apartment. To avoid buying the proverbial pig in a poke, they rely on as much information as possible. In addition to the purchase price, the key features of the property and the neighborhood, the focus is of course on the house itself.

Virtual tour for your property
Camera for a virtual tour

Many real estate ads are published with brochures that feature appealing photos or 2-D floor plans. Here, buyers can see for themselves how cozy the living room is and how practical the built-in kitchen is. But wouldn't it be nicer for your customers if they could move freely around the property and explore each room on their own?

A virtual tour makes this possible. Of course, this cannot be replaced by a real on-site visit, but a virtual tour awakens impressions that increase the prospective owner's interest. It also saves time and therefore money: every property is unique and every customer has different demands and requirements, which may not be sufficiently reflected in pictures, a floor plan or in texts. Only a viewing shows these customers that the property is not for them. If the customer can virtually visit the property on his own in advance and comes to this conclusion, you as a seller have more time to show customers the property for which this is more suitable.

Create a virtual tour

A virtual tour helps potential buyers get the impression of the real estate that they need for their purchase decision. Once their interest is captured, you can arrange a real viewing appointment with them and then start negotiating the sale.

A virtual tour not only supports you when it comes to selling houses and apartments. Even if you want to rent out a property, potential tenants can gain first impressions with a 360-degree tour and make their decision easier.

360-Grad-Rundgang der Grundriss Schmiede

Virtual tour - What are the advantages?

  • A virtual tour does not take long. You upload the photos of your property and create a 360-degree tour in no time.
  • A virtual tour allows prospective buyers to move freely around the house or apartment. They can explore the kitchen, bathroom and living room on their own and think about the design of each room.
  • A virtual tour turns your visitors into directors. They can set the appropriate angle from which they want to see the garden or the individual interior rooms.
  • A virtual tour awakens curiosity and creates the basis of trust you need to have with clients during sales negotiations.
  • A virtual tour is not only possible on your home laptop or office computer. Enable your customers to have an innovative buying experience on their smartphone while walking through the park.
  • A virtual tour does not cause any follow-up costs for you. You invest once and can use the 360-degree tour on as many visits as you like.
  • A virtual tour can be used conveniently and quickly for your own Internet presence. In addition, you use it for advertising in social media.
  • A virtual tour of the property for rent or sale takes place at your desk at home or in your office. On-site viewing appointments are no longer necessary, or can at least be significantly reduced.